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    Dear Friends,

    After watching my mother die an agonizing death from breast cancer treatments, losing my father to a sudden heart attack, and suffering from daily excruciating migraines and an "incurable" skin condition, my teenage years were a real wake up call. My family was slowly being poisoned by pesticides from my fireman father's side business, and we were eating the Standard American Diet, just like everyone else. Sugary cereal, pop tarts, cakes, sodas, fried chicken and fast food were common place in our household. My family was sick and dying and so was the rest of America.

    A few days before my mother died, I promised her that I would do everything in my power to alleviate people's suffering. Extended hospital stays, mis-information from doctors and pharmaceutical drugs had only made things worse. I started to study everything that I could get my hands on concerning herbs, nutrition and natural remedies. I needed answers immediately because my health, and the health of my brother was on a downward spiral. It made sense to me that I had to cleanse our toxic bodies and open up our elimination systems. But how could I accomplish this?

    Because the detoxifying formulas on the health food store shelves proved to be weak and ineffective, I began to formulate my own cleansing herbal formulas. These formulas had to be extremely strong and powerful, or my brother and I were doomed. I decided to use myself as the first "guinea pig". My formulas would either heal my body or I would drop dead trying. Thank God they proved to be a life-saver! They cleansed my toxic and shut-down system, stopped my migraine pain, healed my so-called incurable skin condition and ultimately saved my brother's life as well.

    But in all conscience, I couldn't stop there. There were just too many sick people who needed help. I needed to discover what caused the diseases that were killing people at an exponential rate. I spent over two decades in my clinical practice working with countless patients to find answers. And what I discovered was that none of these diseases are a mystery. The real life suffering of my critically ill patients showed me how to perfect my customized formulas and put my theories to work. I learned in the trenches. I studied and researched and monitored their results. I taught people how to get back to the basics and HEAL THEMSELVES with herbs and foods; the only true medicine that nature has provided. And in the end, for countless patients, my education and my formulas were nothing short of a MIRACLE! Life long symptoms disappeared, suffering was alleviated, hope was renewed and lives were saved.

    For years, many people begged me to write a book. I declined because I was just too busy. But I finally decided that it was time that I put my life's work down on paper. As the health crisis escalated in America, I felt compelled to write about all my experience and success turning around life-threatening diseases. I wanted to write a simple and practical guide back to health. My book is an easy to understand educational tool designed to help you improve your health. It is entitled "THE CURE", because if I have learned anything in clinical practice, it is this: YOU are the cause and YOU ARE THE CURE! Serious and terminal disease does not have to be feared because there are so many things we can do to heal it. Contrary to popular belief, we are not at the mercy of drugs and junk food and I am tired of the public being held hostage by industries that do not have their best interest at heart. Up until now, we have put all our faith in traditional medicine, pharmaceuticals and the food industry only to be let down as our family and friends are dying. All because of a lack of knowledge! My book educates you so that you can take control of YOUR OWN HEALTH.

    In "THE CURE", you will see that I have personally led thousands of people through these programs. Now it's your turn. WALK WITH ME. Let me educate you and empower you. Read my book, take my POWERFUL "living herbal formulas" and you will be amazed by your stunning results. They cleanse, they purify, they nourish and they empower the body to heal itself. Remember: YOU are THE CURE.

    My patients used to call me the "herbal cowboy". My formulas are "armed and dangerous to your illness!" My formulations will not let you down and neither will I. You can count on me to pick up your exhausted and toxic body and lead you back to VIBRANT HEALTH. Let's take this journey together, hand in hand, with God as our guide."

    Dr. Timothy Brantley

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