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  • On Line Orders

    Orders are now being taken ONLY at our online store
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  • Dr. Brantley Is Not Accepting New Patients at this time.

    For Health Issues please see your Primary Care Physician

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  • Inspirational Message

    Dear Friends, After watching my mother die an agonizing death from breast cancer treatments, losing my father to a sudden heart attack, and suffering from daily excruciating migraines and an "incurable" skin condition, my teenage years were a real wake up call. My family was slowly being poisoned by pesticides from my fireman father's side business, and we were eating the Standard American Diet, just like everyone else. Sugary cereal, pop tarts, cakes, sodas, fried chicken and fast food were common place in our household. My family was sick and dying and so was the rest of America. A few...

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