• The Eliminator

  • The eliminator does exactly what it says! It supports rapid elimination. If you have consumed something regrettable, The Eliminator will not only help you quickly get rid of the toxins you just ate, but also those older toxins that may be lingering in your intestines, liver and gallbladder for prolonged periods of time.

    Helps those with constipation normalize body elimination.  This can be taken for overnight relief, but can also be used on a regular basis to maintain balance in the organs.

    • Rapid toxin elimination
    • Promotes regular and healthy bowel movements
    • No abdominal cramping
    • No habit forming herbs
    • A natural herbal laxative 

    Click here for Directions For Use and Ingredients

    *Dr. Brantley encourages you to make your own health care decisions based on your own research and in partnership with a qualified health care professional or a holistic medical doctor.

    Please call us with any questions:

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